Ficus Altissima
Ficus Altissima
Ficus Altissima

Ficus Altissima

$ 28.00 USD

A beautiful tree or bush with the proper name, 'Ficus Altissima' who thrives near a window 


  • Tree Height: ~5' tall
  • Plant Pot Size: 6"
  • Light Level: Bright light in the summer, moderate light in the winter. 
  • Difficulty: Moderately easy with the right light, water and pruning.
  • Water details: Water weekly, allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. If leaves turn yellow and drop, you need to increase or decrease the amount of water. If roots are soggy, water plant less, if they are dry, increase watering.
  • Prune out dead branches any time throughout the year. Prune yearly in late winter or early spring to help build a fuller canopy.

**Please note:

Each plant will vary from the one pictured. All pots and plants are sold separately.

Sizing is based off the diameter of the pot / base. 

This plant is not available for shipping, pick up only.