Personalized Silhouette Ornament
Personalized Silhouette Ornament
Personalized Silhouette Ornament

Personalized Silhouette Ornament

$ 34.00 USD

Please upload a hi-res photo in good lighting
Name with Date/Year/Age


Make a wooden or mirrored silhouette ornament of your little one(s) to preserve their yearly growth on your Christmas tree!

Ensure the photo provided is of the entire head and shoulders, with the head and body fully turned so that only one eye can be seen. See below for detailed instructions on taking the photo.

Product Detail:

  • Design:  A silhouette of your little one with up to two lines of text. Add their name, the date of the photo, their birth date, year or age of the child, etc. Child will be facing left unless otherwise noted.
    • Image: Read photo directions below.
  • Material: 1/8" mirrored gold or 1/4" solid walnut
  • Size: 4"x4"
  • Finish: Lacquer Clear for walnut
  • Ribbon: White Chiffon or Red Satin
  • A proof will be sent to your order email for approval.

All personalized items are final sale, even after receiving a proof. If you want to change the image, there will be a $15-$25 change fee due to the time designing the original image.  

Product is made to order, please find our current turn around time here (on our FAQ page). 


  1. For best results, take a picture of the child specifically for this project. Ideally with a white or solid background and at eye level. Make sure each picture provided is of the entire head and the head and body are completely turned sideways.
  2. Take CLEAR, separate profiles of each child you wish to have done.
  3. A relaxed expression with the subject looking forward and the chin level always works best. No smile
  4. Get all of the child’s head and hair in the photo, and for individuals with long hair, please have all of the hair flowing down the subject’s back.
    1.  If the child has a bow or headband, it may be removed but up to our designers discretion.
  5. Upload your photo with the link below. If you are unsure if your photo will work or if you have multiple photos - email over additional photos to info with your order number as the subject

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