About Us



Grainwell is a bespoke signage and gift company, specializing in unique design and meticulous craftsmanship. We have our flagship boutique location where you can shop in store if local featuring our designed and curated products in Covington, Kentucky - near our wood shop and offices.
Founded and run by a dynamic duo of sisters in Covington, Kentucky, our specialty encompasses the creation of unique urban and various-themed products, tailor-made event decor, as well as corporate signage, awards, and thoughtful gifts. In essence, we offer a complete package for both individuals and businesses in search of exceptional signage, decor and gift solutions. From contemporary and traditional home embellishments to personalized statement items, our commitment remains unwavering in crafting products that narrate meaningful stories! #grainwelldone
In 2013, the sisters made a wooden sign for their parents for Christmas and it brought them to tears. They knew they were on to something special. They loved collaborating with each other to make beautiful pieces for friends and family. So in 2014, Grainwell was born. They started in their parents' garage and in a year grew into their own wood shop and boutique. In 2017, they separated their boutique from their wood shop in order to streamline production and to allow more space for offices and production. They are excited for the future and their ever changing business!  
Being a part of a small team, we wear many hats! Below is a broad quick description of our roles. 
Melyssa | Owner + Creative Director 
 Michele | Owner + Head of Accounts and Sales
Steph | Graphic Designer

Aly | Production Associate, Packaging Associate & Drop-Ship Specialist

Erin | Production Associate & Laser Machinist

Allison | Production Associate


Maureen | Retail Associate, Covington Boutique

Brooklynne | Retail Associate, Covington Boutique

Lisa | Retail Associate, Covington Boutique 

Erin | Retail Associate, Covington Boutique