Reminiscing on 2015

By: Christine

I can not believe that it has been one year since we finished our first corporate installation. Not only was it our first installation, it has been our biggest and most complicated one to date...the thing is, we would totally do it again because the outcome was 2308645 times worth it and better than we thought it could ever look. 

The overall installation was over 14 feet wide, had 836 pieces and took the 3 of us over 13 hours to install it in alphabetical order... The 827 tiles had 736 names of their KickStarter contributors and 91 of them had a mixture of Braxton Brewery's graphics engraved into the wood.

If I can recall correctly it took over 20 hours on the machine to cut all the tiles and that does not even take into account the sanding and finishing of each tile!


Needless to say we had our hands super busy and dirty with this project. 

Stop in Braxton brewery in Covington to check out the finished product. And have yourself a beer, you will not be disappointed!

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