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Getting Our Shop Together

Getting Our Shop Together

By: Michele
A year ago almost to date, we moved into our space on Pike street in Covington, Kentucky. Before that, we were operating out of our parents house in a spare bedroom and after hours at our Dad's extra office at his auto body shop.
After the busy holiday season in 2014, we couldn't wait to move into our own space that could house our wood shop, 'clean' work space and also a store front. This allowed our local customers to come and buy our product or meet with us about a personalized item or custom project.
Getting the space together took about 6 weeks. We had to make our desks, build a wall and most importantly design and make all the product to fill the store front! 
We had a lot of help. Mostly from our Dad (we couldn't do it without him) but also from his friends, our friends and of course our family. 
After moving our tools into the wood shop, building and finishing our desks was the first task...
The space was pretty empty at first. We painted and repurposed some tables, with some help from our little cousin Reed.
We built our check out desk out of wormy maple (it turned out sooo pretty)!
At the same time we had to design, make and hang up all of our items.
The days were long and tiring. Even the shop pup was worn out!
But the end result was worth it! 
We opened our doors in April 2015! 
Come check out our space to see how it continually changes :).
Dec 04, 2022

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