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Cozy Up with These Bourbon Cocktail Recipes

Baby, it’s cold outside! Bulk up on the blankets and get the fire started. These easy bourbon cocktail recipes will keep you warm and wanting more all season long!


Apple Cider Bourbon
Photo via Style Me Pretty 
Make the fall season last and help beat those winter blues with this apple cider bourbon recipe. Impress your friends and family by crafting a homemade apple cider, or simplify this cocktail with cider from your favorite local store. Regardless of what you do, the sprig of rosemary and sweet cinnamon sugar coated rim will fancy up this delicious drink! 

Bourbon Rosemary Fizz 
Rosemary seems to be a popular pair with bourbon in the colder months. This cocktail is perfect for a last-minute holiday gathering because it’s likely your kitchen is already stocked with these ingredients: lemon, ginger ale, rosemary, bourbon, and ice. 


Cranberry Ginger Bourbon Smash 
Photo via bloglovin
Ditch the basic cranberry and vodka for this new smashing cranberry drink! Cranberry is a Christmas classic, so making it a main ingredient gives this refreshing drink a holiday twist. 
Hazelnut Bourbon Eggnog 
Photo via The Gouda Life
Speaking of twists on holiday classics, check out this hazelnut bourbon eggnog. For those of you who tend to steer clear of the traditional eggnog, adding a little hazelnut and ditching the raw egg might make you a fan. 
Figgy Maple Bourbon Fizz
Now bring us some Figgy Maple Bourbon Fizz instead of figgy pudding. Impress your foodie friends with these unique ingredients and cut Christmas calories with maple syrup instead of sugar for a natural sweetener. You’ll have more room for cookies! 
We hope you got some last-minute inspiration from these recipes. Grab some coasters from the shop to add a touch of home, and tag us in your pics. Let us know which one is your fave!

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