Have Yourself a Very Manly Christmas

Need to get the man in your life something for Christmas? Whether it’s your husband, brother, dad, or new boyfriend, men can be so hard to shop for! Search no more, we have gathered some gifts for him to enjoy all year long. 

Beer Making Kit  


Since they think they can do everything themselves, put them up to the challenge. They love to drink it, so they should try to make it. You can taste the fruits of their labor, and it will keep him busy for a while, so you can go shopping or watch movies with the girls. 

Membership to the Dollar Shave Club 


After No Shave November, this is a subtle way to let him know you prefer him clean-shaven. Whether it’s your man or you're doing your brother a favor, someone will surely benefit from this subscription all year. 

Bourbon Glasses 

He makes fun of your customized wine glasses; so let him join in on the fun. Get him a set of bourbon glasses for his bar. You can gift them neat, or customized with his favorite sports team. Include these coasters from his hometown, college town, or where he lives now. 

Décor for Their Bar 


It wouldn’t be a man cave without a females personal touch, right? With this barn wood sign hanging over his bar, his friends will never know that you had anything to do with it. 

Mandle or Man Candle 


Hopefully by now they’ve learned Febreze can’t cover up everything. If not, show him that candles don’t have to be frilly and sweet. Gift him a candle in scents he’ll love like bacon, campfire, or morning brew.


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